Cocktail & Gin Bar

Cocktail and premium gin bar
Bellini cocktails
Strawberry Daiquiri

Selection of Gin &Tonics

Classic and citrus
EBB.Superpremium, highly transparent with a touch of citrus.
Tanqueray London. Dry with intense botanical flavours, especially juniper.
Tanqueray No. TEN. A wealth of citrus flavours – grapefruit, orange and lime in particular.
Nº 209. Natural ingredients with a finish of lime and lemon
Bombay Sapphire. Citrus smoothness with a spicy finish
Citadelle. Smooth and fresh with a bouquet of lemon and spices

Floral and fruity

Southport. Highly refined and extremely floral with an evocative blue colour
Hendrick’s. Different thanks to the extract of Bulgarian rose petals and macerated cucumber
Bull Dog. Poppy seeds and dragon eye with a smooth floral finish
5th Fire. A delicate infusion of red fruits
Martin Miller’s. Infinite nuances of flavour with lavender and orange blossom predominating
Pink 47. Strong woody mellowed by red fruits
G’ vine Floraison. Velvety and sweet with a flowery aroma.


London No. 1. Delicacy of balsamic herbs
Beefeater 24. Maceration of the botanicals for 24 hours with a liquorice finish.
Mare. The Mediterranean flavours of thyme, rosemary and sweet basil.
Price 25.00 € per person