Green, how I want you green

12.90€ Textured tomato salad
13.90€ Tartar of beetroot, apple, avocado
and extra-virgin olive oil with herbs and mesclun salad
9.50€ Cream of celeriac, mushrooms and true.
12.50€ False pumpkin risotto
12.90€ Couscous, broccoli, cauliflower, broccolini and true.
12.90€ Mini eggplants stued with a vegetarian demi-glace
9.90€ Small pasty on a bed on potatoes and kale, with curry.
13.90€ Artichokes and aloe vera in tempura
8.50€ Mini-burger with eggplant, roasted pepper and green leaves
9.50€ Spinach and panko croquettes
11.90€ Vegetarian ‘marrowbone’
16.50€ Arroz de convento (rice in broth with vegetables)



6.90€ Our chocolate carrot cake
7.50€ pumpkin and vanilla ice cream
5.50€ vegan sorbets
7.90€ seasonal fruit, aloe vera and sorbet
5.50€ vegan ice creams


10% IVA incluido