Tapas Bar

Cod brandade, tomato and black olive compote
Strawberry gazpacho and Galician beef carpaccio
Chunk of spiced foie
Tuna sashimi pizza
White garlic and a grilled chunk of melon with fresh anchovies
Mini marinated salmon and caviar ravioli
Prawn spiced bread and rocket roll
Creamed tuna crostini
Crab and prawn crostini
Roast chicken crostini
Mini cheese and truffle sandwich
Pepper and goat’s cheese coca (Mallorquin open pastry)
Scorpion fish and surimi baby eels on bread
Roasted pepper salad and belly of tuna brioche
Salmon and cottage cheese millefeuille
Traditional Spanish omelette with bread and tomato
Smoked potato cappuccino soup, with ox cheek and truffle ravioli.
A glass of mussels tigre (with béchamel sauce in breadcrumbs)
Skewer of scampi in Panko breadcrumbs and a cheese fondue
Deep fried Iberian ham and truffled brie surprise.
Turkey and Thai sauce skewer.

Price: 2.30€ / item


Classic tapas on bread

Home marinated fresh anchovies and roast pepper salad
Cream of chicken with a crunchy topping
Cream of tuna with lumpfish/tobiko caviar
Tomato, olive oil and onion omelette
Courgette and elvers
Cream of belly of tuna, cottage cheese and pádron pepper

Price: 1.30€/item


Iberian ham
Mini roll with cured Iberian pork loin
Manchego cheese and anchovies
Cream of ham and wild asparagus
Polar bread, smoked salmon, cottage cheese and quail’s egg
Sobrassada, tomato jam and cheese sandwich
Crepes filled with: chicken/crab/tuna

Price: 1.50€/item

Classic tapas
Crostini with salmon, cottage cheese and tartar sauce
Beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan cheese
Our Russian salad with belly of tuna.
Octopus salpicón in its tin
Tin of marinated anchovies with lime and young garlic
Egg, guacamole and cod
Mini tumbet and quail’s egg

Price: 1.80€/item


Mini marinated salmon and guacamole ravioli
Mini de luxe beef burger
Crostini with caramelised foie
Mini coca (Mallorquin open pastry) with roast pepper salad and goat’s cheese
Acorn fed Iberian ham with mozzarella and truffle sandwich
Glass of cod brandade, tomato compote and black olive tapenade

Prices: 2.10€/item


Classic desserts

Tiramisú 1.30€/item
Brownie 1.50€/ item
Cheese cake 1.80€/ item
Mini panna cotta 2.10€/ item