Nimo’s menus

Steak menu

Starters: Assortment of acorn-fed Iberian pork products and bread with tomato. Homestyle or different type croquette, depending on availability

Main course: Filleted Galician beef steak with chips and padrón peppers

Dessert: Dessert of the day

Price p.p

*Minimum 2 diners

Drinks not included


Sirloin menu

Starters: Bread with tomato. Bouquet of salad, mushrooms, parmesan and crispy bacon.

Main course: Tacos with beef sirloin, wok-sautéed vegetables, potato and truffle.

Dessert: Dessert of the day

Price p.p. 22€

Drinks not included


Weekly menu

Each week we offer 1 different menu which include:

Starter - Main course - Dessert

Price p.p.

Drinks not included


Tuna menu

Starters: Bread with tomato. Our vegetable, squid or ham croquettes.

Main course: Tuna loin, tumbet (Mallorcan vegetable dish) and red chard.

Dessert: Dessert of the day.

Drinks not included


Creamy menu

Starters: Bread with Tomato. Our homestyle appetiser. Ham croquettes

Main course: Creamy country rice with mushrooms and aioli

Dessert: Dessert of the day

Drinks not included